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You need clients. And not just more clients, but high-paying clients.

At Werk Fitness, we'll help you get them quickly, and with it, you'll learn how to be an effective marketer so you can continue building your own brand.

sales help

Sales is about more than just what you say and how you say it.

We'll teach you how to convert more prospects into clients without any sales pressure and without devaluing your services through discounts to achieve the income you desire.


Starting your own independent training business shouldn't be intimidating or complicated.


We provide all the help, references and anything else you need to help you get and stay organized and successful.


Gabe Erno
"Fitness Unlocked"

"At Werk Fitness you get more than a facility. You become part of a network of the most successful trainers in the industry.

     Werk gave me the opportunity to give my clients the best service available, while building a thriving business.

    If you are motivated to build a successful training career. This is where it happens."



Damien Joyner
"Incremental Fitness"

“Werk has been a great space for me to grow professionally. The facility is not only well-equipped, but is large enough for multiple trainers to be working and not be on top of each other.


The other trainers are respectful and my clients enjoy the positive energy and seeing other clients work. The space is clean, comfortable and uncluttered.”

Petrina Head Shot.jpg

Petrina Dunn
"Petrina DunFitness"

"Werk Fitness has been the perfect studio to grow my business. 
It provides a space where my clients feel comfortable and safe as soon as stepping in the doors. It’s clean, spacious and well equipped with everything you need to help your clients succeed.
The other trainers are inviting and knowledgeable.
The owner is amazingly helpful and provides great business resources to help you grow your brand.
He is very communicative and listens to your concerns and suggestions. He is always looks to improve the facility and provide a safe environment for you and your clients which is #1."

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  • What happens to my rate after the first 3 months (Intro Rate)?
    During your first 3 months at Werk Fitness, you will pay a flat rate of $500/month. Beginning on your 4th month, you then pay a base rate of $800/month and thereafter: *The rate is capped at $800/month beginning in month 4.
  • Do you allow group training?
    Currently, we are not accepting group trainers (training 3+ clients per session) as we are at capacity for group trainers. When a group trainer slot opens, we will post it to the rates section of this page. We limit the number of group trainers overall to maximize the space.
  • What support can you provide me with?
    Whether you choose the hourly or flat rate, we will still help you with anything you need to be successful. Our goal is to make your business as easy to run as possible, so you can do what you do best--train clients. We help you get clients by teaching you the marketing tactics to get clients quickly at a high hourly rate. By teaching you rather than just handing you clients, you're able to run a successful business anywhere, especially if you want to own a studio someday. To date, we've helped over a dozen trainers make at least $100,000 in a year. Secondly, we help your sales process by teaching you best practices in billing your clients, apps that collect credit/debit card money at the lowest rates and more. If you dislike "sales," then you'll love our approach to sales that won't induce anxiety--for you or your client. Lastly, we can provide even more tools such as websites. Some argue a website isn't necessary these days, but they definitely don't hurt--especially when we can build them at no additional cost to you.
  • What separates Werk Fitness from other gyms I can rent from?
    We believe that there are plenty of great facilities out there, but what separates Werk Fitness is the overwhelming professional and personal support we're able to provide to our trainers. Our objective is to never let you feel alone, frustrated, left behind or overwhelmed in your entrepreneurial journey, and we'll provide as much support as you'd like. We can help with: - Website building - Advertising education and support - Sales education and support - Administrative support - Documents and disclosures (liability waiver, PAR-Q, purchase agreements, etc.) - Software solutions
  • Do you have an insurance provider you recommend?
    We recommend using Next-Insurance due to their affordability and ease of getting covered. Their Pro or Pro Plus plans work for us and is $14 - $16 per month. If you use a different provider, please make sure their coverage is for $1,000,00 per occurence and $2,000,000 aggregate.
  • Do I get my own key?
    Yes! Having your own key will allow you to come and go as you please, and there's no need to schedule your sessions with us - just come in and do your thing!
  • What are the hours I can use the facility?
    The hours are loosely based on 5am - 10pm every day of the week. However, if you need to be there earlier or later, that's fine, too.
  • Can I start at Werk Fitness at any time during the month?
    Yes! The normal rent payment is made on the first of each month, so if you start at any other time in the month, your first payment will be prorated. Either way, you can start whenever you're ready.
  • How busy does the facility get?
    At it's busiest times (peak hours), there are about 9-10 trainers servicing sessions in there at once.
  • What is the signup/initiation process like?
    To start, we will need the following... 1) Sign our month-to-month agreement. 2) Proof of liability insurance. Once those are complete, we will issue you a key and provide an initiation tour of the facility (beyond just the equipment). The entire process takes about 30 minutes. Once everything is complete, you're ready to start training your clients at Werk Fitness!
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