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Katrina Holt Personal Trainer San Diego

Katrina Holt

Train With Katrina

Personal Trainer Specialties:

Training for Women, Weight Lifting for Teens & Seniors

Train With Katrina - Personal Trainer in Action

"My passion and knowledge of fitness allows me to personalize programs that fit your lifestyle and meet your goals. I specialize in training with kids looking to be the next generation of successful athletes, adults looking to level up, and seniors who want to reach their ideal health and functionality."

A devoted trainer, Katrina is extremely personable and creates each workout to fit the client’s specific needs. No matter the level of fitness or expertise, Katrina will help you not only meet, but crush your fitness goals. Her prerogative is to have you understand your body, how it moves and how to train for optimum sustainability.

Strength training, conditioning, and mobility are her specialty. Whether you are training for a race or competition, working to get stronger, desire a prenatal workout plan, or to simply get in better shape. Katrina will help you get there and have fun while you do it.

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"I had extensive spinal surgery with lingering balance and strength issues. Once my physical therapy was done, I knew I had to find someone to help me improve. Three years ago, I was lucky enough to find Katrina. She has been fantastic helping me deal with my limitations both mentally and physically. Katrina has a great personality and is always genuine and positive. Our sessions are always different and I look forward to every one of them. My workout days are the days I feel the best. The improvements in my balance and strength are obvious."

Jeff P. - San Diego, CA


Katrina Holt is one of the MOST EXPERIENCED Personal Trainers at Werk Fitness!

Personal Trainer Coaching Experience:

  • Training Clients Since: 2015

  • Training Clients at Werk Fitness Since: 2021

  • Total In-Person Personal Training Hours Worked: 14,000+

Personal Trainer Specializes In:

  • Weight Lifting for Women

  • Increasing Flexibility & Endurance

  • Fat Loss

  • Injury Prevention

  • Sports Performance & Strength Training for Teens and Young Adults

  • Weight Lifting for Seniors (50+ Age Group)

Personal Trainer Certifications & Experience:

  • B.S. Kinesiology (San Diego State University)

  • Certified Stretching & Flexibility Specialist

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASM Certified Performance Specialist

  • NPC National Figure and Bikini Competitor (Bodybuilding)

Personal Trainer Locations:

Contact The Trainer

Text or Call: 619-813-6511


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