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Kingsley Dillard Stretch Therapist Personal Trainer San Diego

Kingsley Dillard

Kingsley Fit

Personal Trainer Specialties:

Assisted Stretch Therapy, Weight Lifting for Beginners
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Kingsley Fit - Personal Trainer in Action

"I do not have a doctor in physical therapy, but I use the lens of a PT to assist my clients to discover their limitations and give them tools to become self reliant through the medicine of movement."

I help my clients go through a passive range of motion to regain mobility and flexibility. The goal being body self control through movement to create body awareness to reduce any pain or discomfort. I help my clients either by them moving themselves through a workout or I’ll assist them to do a variety of poses similar to yoga but my clients do moderate to low effort work.

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"I've noticed reduced achiness in my lower back & hips as well as improved movement in all movement patterns. As a former Division I athlete I thought I was experiencing age related joint and tissue issues from prior over-use and injury but after a couple months of consistent stretching with Kingsley I realized I just needed to commit to a regular stretching and mobility routine. The number of improvements I've noticed from stretching with Kingsley is exhaustive."

Eric B. - San Diego, CA


I have lots of 5-Star Reviews on Google!

Personal Trainer Coaching Experience:

  • Training Clients Since: 2017

  • Training Clients at Werk Fitness Since: 2021

  • Total In-Person Personal Training Hours Worked: 2,000+

Personal Trainer Specializes In:

  • Assisted Stretching / Stretch Therapy - Mobility specialist that works in conjunction with physical therapy and rehabilitation.

  • Weight Lifting For Beginners

Personal Trainer Certifications & Experience:

  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

  • NCSF Certified Strength Coach

  • Certified Flexologist (Since 2021)

Personal Trainer Locations:

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  • Kingsley Fit - Kingsley Dillard - Instagram Profile
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