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Krystina - Eat. Sip. Lift. - San Diego Personal Trainer


Eat. Sip. Lift.

Personal Trainer Specialties:

Personal Training for Women, Weight Loss for Women who just need to lose 10-30 pounds
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Personal Trainer Krystina in Action

Sustainable Fitness


"Starting a fitness journey can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. I help people navigate how to balance a healthy lifestyle while still doing and eating all the things they love."

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Krystina and I have been in and out of the gym since I was 10 years old. Having had a trainer from the age of 10, I have experienced many styles of training and have found what has worked best for me. I’ve had 2 of my own weight loss transformations, I’ve competed in bodybuilding, and I’m currently getting ready for my first powerlifting meet. Although I’ve been in the gym since I was a kid, I haven’t always been the fittest.


Like I said, I’ve had my own weight loss transformations and ultimately the reason I started at a young age was because of childhood obesity. I can relate to many individuals and understand just how hard it can be to jumpstart this journey. I am grateful for all my years of experience in the gym because it has allowed me to form a deeper connection with my clients.


No matter the level of fitness you are currently at, I will be your biggest supporter and will help break down the steps needed to find long term success on your journey. A fitness journey isn’t just about working out, we will sit down to set goals together as well as plan out how you will incorporate healthy new habits into your lifestyle. We will implement one action at a time and over time you will be on your way to your new, sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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"Krystina has coached me for almost two years and I have loved every minute of it. She is very methodical and systematic while sticking to the basics when it comes to personal training. I recall an arm session with her early this year. I am a strong 220 pound guy, I could barely keep up with her in reps and weights!"

MJ - Mira Mesa (San Diego, CA)


Personal Trainer Coaching Experience:

  • Training Clients Since: 2020

  • Training Clients at Werk Fitness Since: 2023

  • Total In-Person Personal Training Hours Worked: 1,500+

Personal Trainer Specializes In:

  • Training for Women (Female Personal Trainer)

  • Weight Loss (Especially for Women who just need to lose 10-30lbs)

  • Strength Training & Weight Lifting for Beginners

  • Nutritional Guidance for Sustainable Weight Loss

  • Functional Fitness

  • Powerlifting Training

  • Bodybuilding Training

Personal Trainer Certifications & Experience:

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 (In Progress)

Personal Trainer Locations:

Contact The Trainer

Text or Call: 678-315-4711


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